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  1. Alex Clare said:

    Hi Graham and Michelle, I was very excited to find your page about Bridge House. My father was Dennis Saunders who bought Bridge House in 1956. In fact, both my sister and I were born at Bridge House in 1957 and 1959 and grew up there until 1972. We have the most fondest memories of it. Did you know the entire back of the house was a full size billiard room? I see from your photos that you now call it the Garden Cottage. We must have some photographs somewhere!
    I would be happy to send you images ( if I can find them)

    • Graham said:

      Hi Alex,
      We always thought the back of the house was a kitchen! We now now better. If you do have pictures that would be fantastic. We did meet somebody a while back whose mother lived here, he remembers a monkey puzzle tree in the front garden.

  2. Alex Clare said:

    Hi Graham, yes I’m sure we have photos of the billiard room and yes there was the most magnificent monkey puzzle tree in the front garden. The Ginzberg’s bought the house from us and made it into separate apartments. Sadly they took the monkey puzzle down to make parking spaces.
    In your photos I recognise the tiles around the fire place – the parke wooden flooring – and even the blue tits. They were always nesting in the privat hedge!
    My mother, Kathleen Saunders is now 98 but still lives near by, in Tilford. Unfortunately dad passed away last year – he would have loved to have seen your photos of the Bridge House.
    I still have a copy of the estate agents details with pictures so I will send you a copy, and any other photos by post!

    • Graham said:

      If you could send the pictures that would be great. We have got all the original documents for the house going back to 1905. When they converted the house they left all the fireplaces and plaster coving which helps to keep the original features of the house. And the round window in the garage used to be in the downstairs cloakroom.

      Got a question for you. Where was the kitchen? Was it on the right as you can through the front door?

  3. Alex Clare said:

    Ok, from the front door, the first room on the right – window overlooking the front garden, was our dining room. The second door on the right was our kitchen – window overlooking side passage. It was a square room with an aga. That went through to a scullery type kitchen. Then led onto the billiard room – window overlooking back garden.

    Also, you may be interested – Dad bought the house from Arthur Garrett and his mother. Arther Garrett was a BBC television presenter in the 50’s / 60’s who was known to present science programmes.

  4. keith bean said:

    I’m researching Frederick Eggar at the momnet for my next Aldershot book. Interesting you say he sold the land in 1877, I thought he’d sold all the land/manor farm in 1880, shortly before being bankrupt? I have newpaper adverts stating the sale by auction?

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