Graham and Michelle
8A Eggars Hill
GU11 3NQ


Our House

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  1. Alex Clare said:

    Hi Graham and Michelle, I was very excited to find your page about Bridge House. My father was Dennis Saunders who bought Bridge House in 1956. In fact, both my sister and I were born at Bridge House in 1957 and 1959 and grew up there until 1972. We have the most fondest memories of it. Did you know the entire back of the house was a full size billiard room? I see from your photos that you now call it the Garden Cottage. We must have some photographs somewhere!
    I would be happy to send you images ( if I can find them)

    • Graham said:

      Hi Alex,
      We always thought the back of the house was a kitchen! We now now better. If you do have pictures that would be fantastic. We did meet somebody a while back whose mother lived here, he remembers a monkey puzzle tree in the front garden.

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