History of the House

Pre 1877
1877 Frederick Eggar sold the land to James Cholmeley Russell..
See the Abstract of the Title for details of all 19th Century activities
Land brought by Susan Sumpster.

PDF of the Conveyance

February 1907 indenture-1907 signed-1907.
Mortgage taken out by Susan/Bertha Sumpster to build Bridge House.

PDF of the Mortgage Document

March 1914 Bull, Sumpster and a maid living in the house.

PDF of the Conveyance

July 1914 Sumpster Family living here?
1918 Miss Bertha Sumpster sells house to Mrs Isabel Mary Sumpster
1921 mortgage-1921
Brought by Richard Alexander Garrett.

PDF of the Converance |
PDF of the Mortgage

Brought by Dennis William Saunders

PDF of the Conveyance

1972 Sold
1975 Garage built and Granny flat conversion
1984/5 Sold
1988/1989 Converted into 4 flats
1990/1991 Bridge House Management Company formed
2002 Freehold transferred
2003 Freehold transferred
2012 Freehold transferred

  1. Terry and Louise said:

    Michele & Graham,
    fascinating stuff, putting flesh on the bones of the house. Scary how much of the history of the house is part of our lifetime! (Well Louise’s, anyway. Thanks for this. L & T

  2. Nick Booker said:

    Just found your website and see that James Cholmeley Russell owned the land from 1877 to 1905. I’m doing research on JCR and would be interested to hear whether you have any further information please. See the link to my biographical blog on JCR

    • said:

      Hi Nick,

      We have a copy of the extract giving some details of the land before the house was built. I’ll scan it and send it to you. The indenture for the sale of the land to Susan Sumpster doesn’t have a lot about JCR but you can have that as well if you like.

      • Nick Booker said:

        Yes please to both – many thanks. I will link back to you on the JCR site

        Nick Booker

  3. Rachael Smith said:

    Thank you so much for setting up this page & for all your research. My name is Rachael Smith but my maiden name is Rachael Sumpster & I am researching my family tree. You don’t know how helpful this is & i thank you.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Rachael,
      We are slowly piecing together the history of the house and its occupants. Anything you can tell us about Susan would be great. What does intrigue us is why she built the house – was there ever a Mr Sumpster?

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